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Barney Frank called a faggot

March 20, 2010

Starting shortly before and continuing in the days after the Democrats passed the abomination called Obamacare, they engaged in a coordinated campaign of phony hate crime incidents. The goal was twofold: first, to demonize and marginalize their conservative political opponents; second, to distract Americans from the foul thing they had done.

They specifically targeted Tea Party activists, because the Tea Partiers represent better than anybody the anger and opposition of Americans to the socialism which Democrats are imposing on the country.

The first of these coordinated phony incidents occurred on March 20, 2010, the day before the final vote on Obamacare. Members of the Black Caucus were alledgedly called the "n" word (Racial epithets shouted at black congressmen) as they walked to the Capitol and then congressman Barney Frank was alledgedly called a "faggot" in a House corridor as he came out of his office.

The Frank story was broken by the same dishonest reporter at Talking Points Memo, Brian Beutler, who teamed with McClatchy Newspapers' William Douglas to break the story about the black congressmen. Since they were provably wrong about the other incident (video shows nobody spitting, and records show nobody being arrested for spitting), a reasonable person might suspect Mr. Beutler's veracity in this story, too.

According to the initial report, poor little innocent Barney Frank, hardworking congressman diligently laboring overtime to bring healthcare to dying Americans, walked out of his office and was accosted by angry, rabid, Neanderthal-like Tea Party activists, who were so lost in their frenzy of hate that they shouted out homophobic slurs.

Frank played his victim role for weeks afterward, acting like an aggrieved, sensitive, and suffering martyr, but if you've ever seen Frank dealing with somebody who disagrees with him you know he's about as sensitive as a concrete waste dump.

Here's what really happened, according to the Tea Partiers who were actually present, whose accounts have been roundly ignored by the yellow journalists at Talking Points Memo, and CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media:

When Frank came out of his office he was mobbed by reporters, and a half dozen Tea Party activists who had been waiting about 45 minutes for his appearance started chanting, "Kill the bill!" Frank, irritated by the chanting, looked at one of the chanting activists, Kay Fischer, from North Carolina, and snapped, "Fuck you!"

In the middle of all that commotion, a man who was not part of the Tea Party group, walked up and called Frank a faggot, and then walked away. Nobody knows who he was... which to the average journalist apparently means it's okay to label him a "teabagger" and blame conservatives for the slur.

Some journalists reported that when the man uttered his insult the Tea Partiers admonished him and told him not to say things like that, but that storyline quickly got forgotten in the ensuing media frenzy. (Mr. Beutler didn't bother to mention it, of course, because that's not the image of the Tea Party he wanted to present.) Somehow that part never makes most of the stories about this incident. Neither does the part about the man being unidentified and not being a part of the Tea Party group.

Why is that?

Cynics and people familiar with the innate dishonesty of Barney Frank will naturally suspect that the man responsible for calling him a faggot in the House corridor that day was a plant by Barney Frank himself. There is no evidence that he was a plant, but there's no evidence that he was a Tea Partier either, is there?


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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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