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The firebombing of Russ Carnahan's office

August 17, 2010

Take a look at that face. That's the face of the modern American despot who connives and cheats his way into office, enriches his family personally with the power of that office, and then shrieks hysterically when anybody challenges him. That's John Russell "Russ" Carnahan, congresscritter from Missouri, son of former Governor and Senator Mel Carnahan, son of former Senator Jean Carnahan, brother of current Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, and grandson of former congresscritter A.S.J. Carnahan.

Gee, you think maybe the Carnahans have a solid grip on the Missouri election process?

Dad (Mel) got elected to the senate after he was deceased—that's right, you read that correctly. Where the Democrats control the process, not only do dead people vote, they get elected to the U.S. Senate. Once the election was over, they immediately appointed the dead man's wife, with no qualifications whatsoever, to be U.S. Senator from Missouri. It was a close call, with some members of the family arguing that Mel's dead body was every bit as lively and cogent as senators Byrd and Kennedy, and would probably make more sense than senile mentally-addled Harry Reid, but they went with the wife after technical advisors pointed out that bodies collect an odor after a while... not the usual Carnahan odor, but something more obvious.

They got some complaints about the bald dishonesty of the dead-man's-wife-gets-to-be-senator scam, so they sat down and talked it over like a good Democrat-machine-family will do, and arrived at a solution for all future election disputes: they put Robin in office as the Secretary of State. Now a Carnahan is in charge of administering election rules. Now the Carnahans and Democrats can do whatever they want in Missouri.

Isn't life grand? America is still the land of opportunity as long as you're in the right family.

Russ Carnahan already made the pages of five months earlier, when he tried to accuse the Tea Party of threatening him with a baby coffin. That invention was intended to help (or excuse) the passage of Obamacare—this one was used as a coverup for campaign shenanigans of some kind.

We don't know what kind exactly because they destroyed the evidence.

Here's what happened: On Tuesday, August 17, somebody firebombed Russ Carnahan's campaign headquarters in St. Louis. By Wednesday, some semi-literate nincompoop at the Riverfront Times named Chad Garrison—clearly a product of public schools—was in print blaming the incident on the Tea Party. In the process of doing so he referred to the afore-mentioned coffin incident which everybody in America (except Chad apparently) knows was fake but in liberal lala-land phony hate accusations seem to have a life of their own.

As it turns out, the man arrested for the firebombing was a disgruntled progressive activist who worked for Carnahan and was upset about not getting paid. When Chad "Einstein" Garrison learned that, he doubled down on his original accusation against the Tea Party, saying that firebombing a campaign office was "too sane" for the Tea Party.

Maybe that's his way of apologizing.

Especially interesting is that after jumping on the victimhood bandwagon—again—the Carnahan campaign abruptly stopped talking and started hauling documents away in plastic bags. And that's not the only fodder for consipiracy theorists: the man who was arrested for the firebombing was never prosecuted.

Firebombing a federal official's office is a federal crime, isn't it? And they just let him go?

Whatever the man knew, Carnahan apparently didn't want the public to know about it so his campaign removed the incriminating evidence and used Carnahan family connections to end the case before it started.


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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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