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FIRST OF ALL: This site is not intended to support the irrational hatred of bigots.  If you’re some kind of weirdo who likes to play KKK dress-up games with your friends or post Adolf Hitler posters on your bedroom wall, I have no use for you.  Please don’t use this website as a resource, link to it, or use it as political ammunition.
Leftists have an emotional need to play the role of victims and they have a pragmatic need to silence legitimate rational debate by marginalizing their political opponents.  Both of these needs are satisfied by faking hate crimes against themselves.

It’s a repugnant habit.

This website was instigated by the reaction of Democrats to the anger of American citizens at the passing of healthcare legislation in March of 2010.  As Americans voiced their disgust at both the legislation and the process used to pass that legislation, the left’s reaction to this honest and justifiable anger was to fake a number of racial and physical attacks on themselves.

As I watched the reports of attacks on Democrats come in and then watched them dissolve into admissions of fakery and lack of evidence that they ever occurred, I started wondering,
“Why does anybody in the mainstream media believe this crap?  Haven’t they noticed that the only people scrawling ‘KKK’ on anything are black race mongers (inevitably liberals) and their followers?  Haven’t they noticed that nobody on the right really cares enough about homosexuals to attack them physically or hurl sexual insults at them?  How many fake hate crimes do we have to see before the media starts showing a little skepticism?“
As proponents of individual liberty and freedom of expression, the very idea that society has begun to criminalize thoughts—which is, after all, what hate crime laws do—is abhorrent to conservatives, but the willingness of the left to fake these incidents to demonize political opponents is even worse.  It shows how weak the left’s philosophy is intellectually and how far these people are willing to go to satisfy their lust for power.

This site attempts to collect the most infamous bogus hate crimes here in one place, so people can see for themselves how common the fakery has become.

My attempt to keep truth alive.

This site doesn’t pretend to present a complete collection of all the bogus hate crimes.  Sadly, there are far too many of them for one guy to accomplish that.  I estimate twenty to thirty of these vicious defamations happen every single day of the year just in the U.S., so I limit myself to the ones I hear about, that are either especially interesting or especially pertinent.

That’s a lot of bogus hate crimes, isn’t it?  Think about it.  Think about all the dissension, bitterness, and hate fostered by the crapweasels who perpetrate these phony hate crimes.  It makes you wonder if racial, religious, and other societal divisions would simply evaporate if not for these scumbags lying their asses off to keep them alive.

J.P. Travis, Reno, Nevada, March 28, 2010

June 11, 2015 - Just ran into your site after a story came out here in Spokane, Washington.  This one should be made into a movie.  The head of the NAACP chapter, who claims she is black, is actually VERY WHITE and she has been perpetuating hate crime frauds for quite sometime now.  This story is probably the craziest thing I have seen in a while. It all started with this story: Questions raised about NAACP hate mail report.  Then the Couer d’ Alene, Idaho paper did some way more in depth investigation on this total fraud: Black like me?  Anyway, thought you would like to add this to your site.  Stay tuned, because this one is just getting started!! – Shane, Washington
J.P. replies: I just spent a half hour reading various stories about this absurd situation and laughed out loud more than once.  Given that Elizabeth Warren’s fake Cherokee Indian heritage propelled her into the U.S. Senate, one has to wonder if Ms. Dolezal has a future in politics.  Maybe she can be the first fake black president someday.  (Or do we already have one of those?)

April 6, 2015 - Hi, My name is Brandon and I work with ImprovEDU; we are trying to encourage access for young people to educational opportunities available online.  I would like to suggest a few resources to add to your website as I think they would benefit your visitors:
Anti-Deafamation League - "Combating Hate"
INJURY CLAIM COACH - "Hate Crimes Guide"
University of Sydney - "WHAT IS HATE CRIME?"
I think this would serve to enhance this page of your website.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks. – Brandon, California
J.P. replies: Obviously you didn’t actually visit the website, Brandon.  The last thing I want is for people to educate themselves about how they can file hate crime complaints since I find the whole notion of having laws against hate abhorrent and iniquitous.

November 26, 2013 - See gay waitress hoax. – Dimitri C., New York
J.P. replies: Thanks for the tip, Dimitri.  I’ll add it to the long list of phony hate crimes lined up for the web site.  It’s amazing how far people will go to pretend they’re victims, isn’t it?

September 3, 2013 - Thank you for the clarification.  I see this latest development in the "hate crime biz" as a natural result of the fake stuff.  These young haters aren’t stupid.  They see what the "adults" in their world are doing and feel free to put their own spin on it.  And the longer fake hate crimes go unpunished, and even unacknowledged, the worse these random attacks are going to get.  Eventually, there is going to be a backlash from the victims, some black youths will die during an attack, and then the Progs will be all over it, screeching about the white-on-black "hate crimes" they have been "exposing" all along.  This is not going to end well, not at all.  I appreciate what you are doing, though.  I just came across your site recently, and am impressed with the quality of your research and writing.  Kudos. – Rita M., Detroit

September 2, 2013 - I notice you have a BogusHateCrimes site.  While I am disturbed by the Progressives’ idiocy, there is a class of hate crime that you don’t seem to have addressed yet.  There has been a wave, no, a tsunami, of hate crimes against random white or white-looking people who are just going about their business.  They are suddenly and viciously attacked by groups of black youth; some are badly injured, some have died.  The mainstream media have chosen to ignore or play down these attacks.  But I have noticed that they have been increasing in frequency and viciousness for the past 6 years.  Would you care to comment on this? – Rita M., Detroit
J.P. replies: You’re certainly correct about the wave of race-motivated crimes against whites and Asians (thank you so much Barack Obama) but unfortunately they don’t belong here.  When I first started I toyed with the idea of listing real hate crimes, but philosophically I resent the whole notion.  A crime is a crime.  When a thug hurts you, you want him punished regardless of his motivation.  As I say above, to tack on additional crime & punishment for what politically correct society considers "hate" is to criminalize thought, a very dangerous precedent indeed.

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