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Racial epithets shouted at black congressmen

March 20, 2010

Starting shortly before and continuing in the days after the Democrats passed the abomination called Obamacare, they engaged in a coordinated campaign of phony hate crime incidents.  The goal was twofold: first, to demonize and marginalize their conservative political opponents; second, to distract Americans from the foul thing they had done.

They specifically targeted Tea Party activists, because the Tea Partiers represent better than anybody the anger and opposition of Americans to the socialism which Democrats are imposing on the country.

The first of these coordinated phony incidents occurred on March 20, 2010, the day before the final vote on Obamacare.  For some reason, members of the Black Caucus decided to walk outside, through the thousands of protesting Tea Partiers, rather than take the usual route of congresscritters which is a private tunnel from the Cannon Office Building to the Capitol.

Whether they intended to fake a hate crime incident or honestly thought so little of Tea Partiers that they assumed something would happen, it’s clear that their intention was to provoke some kind of reaction and get that reaction on video to use for political purposes later.  Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (heir to a family proclivity for sleaze and dishonesty), and another member of the contingent both carried video cameras which they kept pointed at the crowd, hoping against hope to get some juicy evidence of conservatives with spinning heads who were projectile vomiting while hovering four feet in the air... oops, where was I?

Alas, nothing happened.

The Black Caucus got so desperate as they neared the end of their walk that Congressman Emanuel Cleaver practically walked into the chest of a man who was shouting “Kill the bill!” and then pretended to get angry at the man.  He later accused the man of spitting on him, and his office put out a statement that Cleaver was spat on by a Tea Partier and the police arrested the man, but out of the goodness of his heart Cleaver wasn’t pressing charges.  None of that was true.  The whole encounter was on video and the man who was supposedly arrested never even realized there was an issue with his saliva.  He just stood there in the same spot yelling “Kill the bill!” before and after Cleaver passed by.  Eventually the congressman had to admit that nobody spat on him and nobody was arrested.

Phony hate crime number one was a failure.  One thing was clear, however: Cleaver is a liar, which is important to the rest of this story.

To repeat: proven fact, Emanuel Cleaver is a liar.

The next chapter of this incident was more serious, and was almost 100% the concoction of two shady and unprofessional journalists: first, a man named William Douglas who writes for McClatchy Newspapers; and second, a man named Brian Beutler, who writes for Talking Points Memo.  These two gentlemen made the outlandish claim that the gaggle of black congressmen was called the “n word” as they walked.  From these two fictional pieces on the internet the concocted story was picked up by the Washington Post and then by everybody else in the mainstream media.

Douglas uses the headline, “Tea party protesters call Georgia’s John Lewis ‘nigger’” but when you read the actual story you discover that John Lewis never said any such thing.  The person saying he heard the word “nigger” was, once again, Emanuel Cleaver, the same guy who lied about being spat on.  Douglas uses Lewis’s name in his headline because Lewis is a famous civil rights fighter, so his name carries with it a certain sense of honor.  There’s a name for this kind of journalism.  It’s called “yellow journalism” and it places a premium on sensational headlines at the expense of honest, ethical, accurate reporting.  The kind of people who practice this kind of journalism don’t care how much trouble they cause with their misinformation or how much bitterness and divisiveness they foment.  They’re basically human scum, willing to write anything that helps the bottom line.

Meanwhile, as with the spitting incident, the various video sources show that Cleaver is lying.  Neither of the two videos being shot by the Black Caucus member themselves, and none of the videos being shot by Tea Partiers, and none of the cameras wielded by the various media following the congressmen’s walk, have the word “nigger” on them.  One other congressman besides Cleaver says he heard it: André Carson, one of only two Muslims in congress, who says he heard the racial slur a ludicrous 15 times during the short walk.

None of the other thousands of people present, and none of the dozens of recording devices, heard it even once, but André Carson heard it 15 times.

No wonder the man converted to Islam.  His religion and his integrity are now a perfect match.

This whole incident, both the spitting and the “n word,” are phony hate crimes ginned up to serve a political purpose.  The stories were originally written by two untrustworthy journalists, using two lying congressmen as their sources and ignoring the many various videos of the incident which show that nothing resembling a hate crime actually happened.

January 2017 update.  Turns out John Lewis is a liar, too: Rep. Lewis CAUGHT in Trump inauguration lie.  Guess that's why he didn’t correct the liars who claimed he was called a nigger.


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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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