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Rep. Tom Perriello's brother's gas line

March 23, 2010

Another in the string of phony hate crimes concocted by Democrats to undermine the Tea Party and opponents of Obamacare was a "gas line" that was allegedly cut at the home of Congressman Tom Perriello's brother.

This story was originally trumpeted by, the same numbnuts who regurgitated the nonsense from Russ Carnahan's office as though it was Gospel. Once again, Politico acted like a publicist for the Democrat Party rather than a legitimate news outlet. In their original story they talk about a "gas line" being "sliced" and the house being "targeted" by the Tea Party.

Sounds dangerous, right? Like the house was nearly blown up by seditionists with Mom, Dad, and kids incinerated? Turns out it was a propane line to an outdoor gas grill in the back yard, nobody was ever in danger, and there was ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE OF ANY TEA PARTIER BEING ANYWHERE NEAR THE DAMN THING.

Salient point, one would think. But not for Politico.

Do they ever write their own copy at Politico, or do they always print verbatim whatever Democrats fax them?

The only link to the Tea Party was the fact that a local Tea Partier published the congressman's brother's address on his blog, mistakenly thinking it was the congressman's address. This was after the congressman voted for Obamacare. The blogger told people to "drop by" and tell the congressman what they thought.

Liberals don't like being confronted by the citizens whose freedom they are destroying, so my guess is that Congressman Perriello, mindful of the Democrat strategy post-Obamacare-vote to demonize the Tea Party and angry about his brother's address being published, had somebody slice the line so he could play the victim role and thereby immunize himself from further backlash caused by his ill-conceived vote.

That's pure conjecture on my part, of course, but keep in mind that there is every bit as much evidence for my conjecture as there is for the tale about the gas line being cut by Tea Partiers.


3/24/10 - Politico - FBI investigates Virginia incident

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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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