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Noose found hanging in library at University of California San Diego

February 25, 2010

On the evening of February 25, 2010, somebody discovered a noose hanging in the library at the University of California San Diego, and of course everybody immediately assumed it was a hate crime perpetrated by some dastardly white racist trying to channel his Klan forebears.

Lord knows San Diego has historically been a hotbed of Klan activity, right?

Riled up students took over the chancellor's office while the Black Student Union bargained with college administrators to boost the African-American curriculum and African-American campus activities. Nobody knew anything about why the noose was there, or who left it there, but they didn't let facts get in the way of a good protest.

Four days after the protest an unnamed minority female issued a written apology in the campus newspaper.

No white racists involved? Apparently that's beside the point when people want to make hay from bogus hate crimes.


2/26/10 - CNN - Student admits hanging noose in campus library

2/26/10 - NBC San Diego - Campus Protests Break Out After Noose Found

3/1/10 - Diverse - Angry UC-San Diego Students Protest Over Noose Found In Library

3/2/10 - Los Angeles Times - Student apologizes for noose in UC San Diego library

3/2/10 - San Diego Union-Tribune - Student: Noose in UCSD library a ‘stupid mistake’

Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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