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Elmhurst College student attacked by Nazis

October 9, 2008

Elmhurst College student Safia Jilani was having a bad week. First somebody scrawled hate speech on her locker, writing "Die Muslims, Rid us of your filth," along with a Nazi swastika—then, right after a campus peace rally (where she read an inspiring poem she wrote about the locker dealio), some guy wearing a ski mask and holding a gun attacked her in the science building's bathroom.

According to Safia, bless her peace-loving, poem-writing, martyred little self, the guy smacked her unconcious with the gun and left another hate message written on the bathroom mirror: "Kill the Muslims."

Carly Notorangelo, a friend, said she received a text message from Safia at 8:47 p.m. saying, "Emergency," and referencing the Schaible Science Center. She rushed over there and found Safia lying face down on the bathroom floor, unconscious, with her glasses knocked off. Carly called 911 and when police arrived they heard from Safia how the man accosted her with the words, "Now who is going to protect you?"

To which the brave Muslim girl replied, "God will protect me. You can kill me, but you cannot take my soul."

It's Joan of Arc all over again, isn't it? Except... well, except one thing we've learned over the last thousand-and-a-half years dealing with Muslims is that Christian martyrs really are, while Muslim martyrs generally aren't. In the time it takes you to read this article, about a dozen Christians will be killed by Muslims around the world simply for being Christian. Meanwhile, you can read this article, eat dinner, watch some TV, go to bed, sleep nine hours, get up tomorrow, and work a full day without one single Muslim anywhere being killed by a Christian because of his religion. Simply doesn't happen.

Safia's story had a few loopholes. First of all, Nazis and Muslims are on the same side, so why would a Nazi be a Muslim-hater? Muslims and Nazis were allies in World War II and Muslim hatred for Jews is every bit as irrational as Hitler's. Muslims and Nazis are natural partners. So how stupid is this phony little pipsqueak that she doesn't know her own religious history? And how stupid are the students and faculty of Elmhurst College that they don't know history?

Bluejays, c'mon, pick up a book once in a while.

Second, how did she manage to text her friend when she was unconscious? And isn't dialing "911" easier than texting "Emergency Schaible Science Center" and more productive anyway when there's an armed attacker on the loose? And why would somebody waste time writing "Kill the Muslims" when there was an unconcious one lying right there handy? And how did he manage to knock her unconscious with a gun without drawing any blood?

The liberal media ate the story up like it was steak and lobster, of course. The dumbass college administrators labeled it a hate crime immediately, jumping to conclusions so fast they nearly gave themselves whiplash. The college managed to organize and hold a campus protest rally against Nazis in less than 24 hours, and the media morons ran with that motif in their news stories. Typical headline:
"Small College Bravely Takes Stand Against Nazis."
The Daily Kos even went so far as to blame the hate crime on Senator John McCain's presidential campaign... for "riling up, aiding, abetting, and encouraging a racist mentality." Memo to Daily Kos: Islam is a religion, not a race.

By the end of a week, Safia Jilani had confessed to inventing the whole thing, was arrested, and was charged with filing a false police report. At her first court appearance a month later, the charges had been reduced to disorderly conduct... to which she pleaded not guilty. Her lawyer explained: "She is in treatment and I hope the public wouldn't judge her until all the facts are known."

Sorry, Mr. Lawyer. We know the facts and have already judged her. She's a hateful little creep lost in the philosophical miasma of the modern victimization culture, who didn't care how much fear and dissension she sowed in her fellow students' minds, and deserves every bit of censure and disdain directed her way.


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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

November 30, 2013 - A very good site and a very useful one. Also, my compliments to the site designer who certainly knows a thing or two about aesthetics. As I was reading the story of Safia Jilania I noted that the justice system only charged her with filing a false police report. That was later reduced to a lesser charge as you know. It seems to me that faking a hate crime should itself be considered a hate crime. Moreover,the penalties for committing such a fraud should be greater than those imposed for 'normal' hate crimes. Do you know if any states treat hate fraud in this way? If there aren't any, can you think of a reasonable reason why that would be the case? – Peter S., Toronto
J.P. replies: Thanks for the compliments. I sympathize with your frustration at the lack of punishment for these people but don't know of any states with increased penalties for them. Usually they don't get punished at all—they just walk away after creating uncertainty, fear, guilt, and anger. IMHO, since I'm against the notion of hate crimes in the first place, I certainly wouldn't advocate adding another whole category of penalty to the mess, even for these louses.

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