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Swastika on Sarah Marshak’s dorm door

October 23, 2007

On Tuesday evening, October 23, 2007, George Washington University student Sarah Marshak informed her dormitory house proctor that somebody had drawn a swastika on the whiteboard mounted to her dorm room door.

The proctor contacted the University Police Department (UPD), who initiated an investigation, and because Marshak is Jewish and a reporter for the student newpspaper, The GW Hatchet, the news about the hate crime quickly went viral, sweeping across the nation.  She contributed to the hysteria by giving her newspaper an interview the next day wherein she fanned the flames.

“I’ve heard it here (at GW), in Florida, and on a trip to Poland, too,” Marshak said, referring to anti-Semitism.  “It (the swastika) may just be a symbol to some, but not to those in the Jewish community.  It holds incredible meaning to us.  This would be like someone drawing a noose on the door of someone who was black.”

Note the melodramatic tone of her words.  Marshak is the prima donna of fake hate crime victims.

By the following Thursday, five more swastikas had been scrawled on her door, and two others had been found elsewhere on campus.  Unfortunately for Marshak, she’s not the brightest bulb in the lamp so cameras that UPD mounted in the hallway outside her dorm room, at her request, caught her scrawling the swastikas on her own door.

(With brains like that, whaddaya bet she was a journalism major?)

The other two swastikas, in another dorm, were apparently copycat swastikas inspired by Marshak’s bogus ones.  There’s a lesson in that, but I’m guessing that leftwing zealots enamored of the hate crime agenda won’t learn it.


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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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