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Noose at Columbia Teachers College

October 9, 2007

Madonna Constantine used to be a professor at Columbia University Teachers College until so many complaints came in about her plagiarism that the university felt compelled to hire an outside law firm to investigate. Ultimately they found 24 instances where she had stolen other people's work and published it as her own, many of the thefts from her students.

And that's just the people who were willing to go on record. There were other people who complained but were afraid to go on the official record for fear of being sued by Ms. Constantine, who is known for having a litigious nature.

On October 9, 2007, when the investigation into her plagiarism was in the final stages and she could no doubt smell the end of her scholastic career, Ms. Constantine coincidentally found a noose hanging on her office doorknob... an office doorknob in a building which requires a Teachers College ID to access.

Personally, with all the phony hate crimes being perpetrated by various yahoos trying to gain advantage from being a victim, I don't believe in coincidences like this.

Reacting in a manner eerily similar to Kerri Dunn, another erstwhile wannabe intellectual who saw her scholastic career coming to an end, Ms. Constantine starred in her own protest rally the next day, telling an angry crowd, "Hanging a noose on my door reeks of cowardice and fear. I want the perpetrator to know I will not be silent."

"No more nooses!" shouted the crowd, and "Enough is enough!" Brilliant stuff. Then they marched... to what objective nobody knows, since noose-hanging and racial intimidation are not official policies of Columbia University.

Not even at the Teachers College.

Anyway, there is no proof that Madonna Constantince hung that noose herself, to make herself a hate crime victim celebrity, so as to short-circuit the inevitable outcome of the investigation into her plagiarism. No proof at all.

If she did hang that noose herself, it didn't work. They fired her ass anyway.


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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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