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Who burnt the meat?

August 6, 2004

Sometimes a business gets in financial trouble and the owner gets desperate.  If he has insurance, one shady method of solving the financial problem is to burn the business to the ground, collect the insurance money, and then go start some other (hopefully more successful) business.

People have been doing this for centuries, and consequently the authorities are wise to the gambit and arson investigators are slick about figuring out who did the burning and how they did it.  Most businessmen who burn their businesses get caught and end up with no business, no insurance money, and a prison sentence.

In the wake of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, a slew of Muslim businessmen, financially desperate but knowing the poor odds of getting away with arson, have attempted to disguise their crimes by framing arson as a hate crime.  I don’t know if this despicable tactic ever works but it didn’t work for Amjad Abunar, who owned a Middle Eastern meat market in McAllen, Texas.

First of all, the fact that the man opened a Middle Eastern meat market in McAllen, Texas, tells us something about his intelligence, doesn’t it?  Last I heard, they were pretty much all set as far as meat supply in Texas and they were pretty much all set as far as what kind of meat they prefer.  I’m guessing that Mr. Abunar found the market for pickled lamb hock disappointing.

Anyway, on August 6, 2004, he burnt down his meat market and announced that it must be a hate crime because twice prior to that somebody had spray painted “Go Home” on his door.  Nobody ever reported the spray painting and nobody other than Amjad ever saw it... and even if the spray painting really happened, which is doubtful, maybe “Go Home” just meant, “Stop stinking up the neighborhood with pickled sheep butt for a minute!”

I’m just sayin’.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) immediately denounced the burning of Amjad’s meat market as a hate crime and complained about the lack of effort by the McAllen Police Department.  Bogus hate crime profiteers love to complain about the lack of effort by police departments until the police actually solve the crime and it turns out to be the bogus hate crime victim who did it, whereupon they quickly slither away.

Which is what CAIR did.  No apology to the McAllen Police Department.  No apology to the people of McAllen.  They simply removed their idiotic accusations from the CAIR website, crawled back under their rock, and pretended the whole incident never happened.


9/30/04 - New York Times - Hate-Crime Accuser Charged With Arson

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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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