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Racist graffiti on dormitory doors of two black students at University of Mississippi

November 6, 2002

In the pre-morning hours of November 6, 2002, somebody scrawled racist graffiti on the dormitory doors of two black students at the University of Mississippi. Naturally, the whole campus went ape-shit with racial guilt and wallowed in the victimization of racial minorities.

It just so happened that the university was commemorating the 40th anniversary of the desegregation of its classrooms, so the racist graffiti couldn't have been timed better... that is, if the goal was to exacerbate racial issues and maintain racial disharmony.

Black students organized a "Say No to Racism" march (as if anybody anywhere is saying "yes" to racism) and demanded more protection from whites. They blasted the school's president for not apologizing quickly enough for the racial slurs (as though he personally wrote them or was otherwise responsible). The school's Minority Affairs Director demanded that the university establish "programs and procedures" to ensure racial sensitivity and prevent hate crimes.

Turned out to be three black freshmen who wrote the graffiti.


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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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