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"KKK" carved into Camille Fulton's chest

August 2001

In August of 2001, a black woman named Camille Fulton showed up at Cass County Hospital in East Texas with bumps, bruises, and the letters “KKK” carved into her chest. She told a horrible story about being abducted by two white men with white hoods over their heads, who held her for 17 hours and raped her before carving the letters.

Since this happened while the NAACP was trying to make a Cass County suicide (Clarence Cole) into a KKK lynching, her story was like lighting a match in a firecracker factory. Headlines blared, race hustlers bellowed indignation, and white people prone to white guilt cringed. Camille wasn't just a victim of the Ku Klux Klan—she was another victim of the Ku Klux Klan!

Trouble is, like with many of these bogus hate crimes, the letters on Ms. Fulton's chest were carved backward like they would be if she carved them herself. You know: you look down at your own chest, or into a mirror, you write "KKK" on your chest with a knife, and you're too stupid to realize that the Ks will not read correctly to other people.

When the police questioned her about why the Ks were backward, she got nervous and fled the state. Eventually, she confessed to carving them herself with scissors while looking in a mirror and was sentenced to 10 years for filing a false police report, of which she served one year before being released on probation.

The stupidity is a life sentence.

Meanwhile, the FBI investigating the Cole case determined it was a suicide. The man even left a suicide note for crying out loud. Two bogus hate crimes in one county playing out at the same time... gotta be some kind of record.


9/8/01 - Free Republic - Alleged KKK victim will surrender; NAACP supplies lawyer for Camille Fulton of Bivins

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10/22/01 - Free Republic - Police arrest woman who said she was victim of racial attack

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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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